Nokia Situations App (Video)

Nokia on Monday has announced the release of a new app called Situations. This app, which is currently on Beta stage (Nokia calls it an “experimental prototype”), allows your Nokia phone to behave usefully according to the `situation´ or “the context it finds itself in.” Sounds interesting, huh?

In other words, once this app is completed and will graduate from test phase, Nokia smartphones will get smarter. Will it think for itself? Yes, but subject to conditions set by the user. You will be the one to create rules and criteria for your Nokia phone to follow. Once you have the Nokia Situations app installed on your Nokia, your cellphone will be your `pet´ — it will behave the way you will want it to.

Awesome. So how does Nokia Situations work? According to Nokia:
When Situations is first opened, you see a list of the current Profiles available on your device. The real fun starts when you create a new one or use the Options to make a current profile automated.

A Situation can be defined according to the time, day, GPS location, network location (i.e. the cell ID), availability of particular WiFi networks and the presence of particular Bluetooth devices.”
Watch the following video for you to have a better understanding of what this app is all about.

Nokia Situations beta can be downloaded from here (login or register to download). It will work on S60 version 3 FP2 devices like the Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01 among other models.