Nokia ClearBlack Display

Launched at Nokia World 2010, the forthcoming Symbian^3-operated Nokia E7 has something that other models (except the Nokia C6-01) don't have — a new technology known as ClearBlack display which, from our point of view, is visualized by Nokia to become one major basis to measure the quality of a modern-day device.

“Xxx over the years, phones have become smarter and do more, and there are now other components on the phone that are starting to be used to measure their quality,” posted Ian Delaney at Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia Blog.

In other words, again from our point of view, it will be as simple as saying that if your mobile phone has a ClearBlack display, then it must be really good.

Based on Ian's post, we listed down the salient points on how this technology works to justify the foregoing statement.

According to Nokia, the ClearBlack display technology:
  • is a method to reduce reflections on the screen and improve visual image quality, especially outdoors;
  • ensures that the blacks you see really are just that – black – which in turn enhances the contrast of the display and makes the whole screen much easier to see;
  • enables excellent viewing angles that will make sharing pictures or other items on-screen with others a lot easier;
  • improves the vividness of the colors: in fact, because the contrast is higher, they’ll seem more vivid;
  • enables your mobile device to provide a high quality image in any type of situation — indoors, outdoors, low-light and bright-light;
  • adjusts the brightness automatically to optimum level depending on the conditions you are in.
Of Ian's entire explanation, this is what we like most:
Another advantage is that by improving the image quality, and reducing the need to turn up the brightness, you also reduce the energy needed to power the display, and hence reduce the battery drain compared to regular technology, and so your mobile device will last longer between charges.”
The Nokie E7 features a 4-inch AMOLED touch screen and QWERTY, maps with free GPS navigation, 8 mega-pixel camera and High Definition video, fully integrated social networks, multiple push email support and USB on the go, among others.

Here's a demo video:

Nokia E7