National Facebook UnFriend Day

Jimmy Kimmel, the popular TV host in the US who makes Manny Pacquiao sing live solo or duet with guests in his show, has called for a “National UnFriend Day” for Facebook users on November 17th. We embedded an excerpt video of his show so we don't have to expound this topic any further.

National Unfriend Day
This post, actually, is not about whether or not you are in favor to Kimmel's proposal.

This is an online poll, just for fun...and maybe for educational purposes for those who will take the poll question and results seriously. In other words, we've put up this one to know how and how many people respond to it.

Choose the best answer as you are allowed to vote only once per day. T.I.A. for your participation.

What would make you unfriend someone on Facebook?
If he, she spams your wall
If he, she gets annoying
If he, she appears suspicious
If he, she looks unfriendly
If he, she gets weird
If he, she becomes stupid
If he, she gets pretentious
If he, she is NOT within your level of thinking free polls