MiniTycoon Casino for iPhone, iPad

The newest social game for the iPhone and iPad, MiniTycoon Casino from SGN, is now available worldwide. According to tech news provider TechCrunch, MiniTycoon Casino is “similar in some ways to Zynga’s Farmville, except instead of building your own farm the game allows you to build and run a 5-star casino.”

MiniTycoon Casino

MiniTycoon Casino game

“You can decorate your casino, buy machines (slots, poker tables and more) and hire dealers. And you can visit your friends’ casinos to earn energy, send gifts, send messages, and more,” the TechCrunch report read.

SGN rolled out some great features in the latest version such as improved server connectivity, enhanced stability, fine-tuned progression and leveling, a clean Shop interface and lots of new items.

You can download the free MiniTycoon Casino for the iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store, click here.