Kathryn Bernardo — Albie Casiño “Mara — Christian” Videos

Our previous post on Albie Casiño is one of the most-accessed pages this blog ever had (sorry ABS-CBN, I guess we're just more creative than you are in S.E.O. and blogging). We owe it, actually, to the fans of “Mara Clara”´s modern loveteam of Kathryn Bernardo and Albie Casiño who play the roles of “Mara” and “Christian”, respectively.

And so with this milestone, we decided to make this post as a space on the web where Kathryn and Albie (KathBie) fans can watch videos of “Mara” and “Christian,” particularly those with `kilig´ moments, without them wasting their precious time to search (oh no, there's no copyright violation here, ABS-CBN, as the videos to be embedded come from YouTube, posted by fans of your teleserye, and we don't claim the videos as ours either — read the Disclaimer).

[Whoa! Having a bad hair day Sugar? — Ed.]

Alright, so here are the videos. If you know more KathBie video uploads on YouTube, don't hesitate to post the link(s) in the comments section and we will gladly embed them here.

Kathryn Bernardo - Albie Casiño (Mara-Christian) YouTube videos: