Infolinks to Launch a New Website

Infolinks, the number one pay-per-click in-text advertising network in the world, will be greeting the new year with a bang! Infolinks on Monday, November 29th, announced the upcoming launch of its “happy new website” in 2011.

Pismo Fireworks 4th of July 2009 - Pismo Beach, CAphoto © 2009 Anita Ritenour | more info (via: Wylio)“Infolinks is unveiling a brand-spanking-new website for the new year,” the company said via its official blog.

The new website, according to them, will have a sleek new design and more features.

That's the info given so far but we're going to update as we get closer to launch day.

I am excited and happy for/with these guys. Infolinks is such a blessing to bloggers/publishers.

If there'll be no other online advertising service in the world except Infolinks and AdSense and I will be forced to choose between the two, I will definitely wholeheartedly go for Infolinks.