How to Personalize your Facebook URL

Those who were able to use Facebook on or before June 2009 may have already been familiar with Facebook Usernames but those who are new to social networking should check it out. Facebook Usernames is a feature that allows you to personalize your Facebook URL or web address.

Your default Facebook URL contains a randomly assigned number / reference ID like "1234143445254" which makes it very long ( You can change that by selecting a unique username which will give you a distinct web address for your Facebook profile.

You can easily make shorter, like

Just login at and choose from the suggested ones or simply type your desired username.

  • You have to be careful in choosing a username. Once it's been selected, you won't be able to change or transfer it.
  • Personalizing your username will not change the name that appears on your profile, in search or elsewhere on Facebook.
I have uploaded a couple of screenshots to illustrate how the Facebook Usernames feature works.

Facebook Usernames
Facebook Usernames