Grand Lotto Jackpot Intact

The winning numbers for the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw last night was 15-38-17-39-11-03. Nobody won the jackpot prize of more than ₱333 Million. “Sayang!” says the one who felt he should have won. “Hay salamat” says the one who has high hopes of becoming a multi-millionaire.

Lotto Results

That's right, no one has hit the jackpot, which means that you have today until tomorrow early evening to buy the ticket.

If our estimate is correct, the jackpot prize may reach ₱350 Million for the draw on Monday, November 8 (hmmm, lucky number huh?). Could it be that the possible winning numbers have “8” in every combination like 08-18-28-38-48-? (it's up to you to supply the last pair).


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Lotto Poll

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