Google Instant rolled out in 18 countries, Philippines included

We're keeping you abreast of the latest on the web. Search giant Google has finally rolled out Google Instant in the Philippines earlier this week. Google Instant, for those who haven't encountered this term yet, is a new search enhancement that shows Google Search results as you type.

Google Instant
Google Instant “quickly brings results-as-you-type” on Google Search. As you may have noticed, search results appear below the search box right away even before you complete your query or even before you hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

“This week we expanded to 18 new domains across Europe and Asia, almost doubling our total. Our new Google Instant domains include Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Vietnam,” Google announced in a post on its official blog.

“Now, whether you speak Catalan, Romanian or Tagalog, you’ll get search results before you’ve even finished typing,” the search giant disclosed.

Notably, Google Instant has gotten swift and fast specially if you have a decent internet connection speed.