Globe tests LTE

Just recently, GLOBE Telecom held a live demo of its Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology which was part of a trial for a planned deployment by Singtel in most Asian countries, including the Philippines. A company insider sent me an invitation by email but I was not able to attend for personal reasons.

Luckily, I was able to find a couple of videos of the LTE demo, thanks to MommyTechie for uploading these on YouTube. The following video shows a speed test for LTE, simultaneously conducted with online video streaming and file downloading, which resulted to a speed of almost 44Mbps.

A blogger friend who attended the event informed me through text that the LTE speed could reach by as much as 60Mbps on average, and up to 100Mbps maximum, therefore providing the fastest mobile internet browsing, video streaming and downloading experience possible.

He said Globe will offer LTE to address the increasing demand for better quality of service and faster speed for its mobile broadband service. I was told that there was no announcement yet as to when the company will roll it out publicly.