How to Easily Find Photos for your Blog

The situation is like this. You have written a scoop and you need to publish the news as quickly as you can so it will land at the first page of search engine results page. The problem is, you lack a suitable photo that would best describe your topic.

You thought of grabbing a photo on Google Images but the one you like is copyrighted material. Is there a workaround?

The answer is YES...and it is fast and easy, and most of all free.

The following steps will guide you in finding a suitable photo for your blog post:
  • Go to and type a search term in the box (for example: Nokia E7). Wylio will search Flickr Creative Commons;
  • Click the photo that you like, adjust the alignment (left/center/right) and the size (using the slider) and then click the “get the code button;”
  • Copy and paste the code, which includes an attribution to the original photographer, into your post.
It's that simple. Even a third grader can do it.

If you're on Blogger, using Wylio will allow you to conserve your free storage space in Picasa, which is, FYI, only 1024 MB (1GB), maximum.

I have included a photo from Wylio to show you how it looks like when embedded into a blog post.

Nokia N8_3_screensphoto © 2010 Nokia Connect | more info(via: Wylio)