Blogger Updates and Fixes

Blogger last November 22nd rolled out updates and fixes besides the addition of new fonts released for testing in Blogger in Draft. These include updates in the comment notifications service, Picasa and Post Editor toolbar.

Blogger updates and fixes
You may have not noticed the changes in your Blogger blog, so here's to keep you abreast of the latest buzz.
  • Comment Notifications now enabled by default on newly-created blogs — Blogger has turned on the comment notification setting by default for all new blogs. This means that Blogger will send an email to the address associated with your Blogger account with each new comment from your readers.
  • Picasa albums are automatically created — When you upload an image from Blogger, it gets added automatically your Picasa Web Albums account in an album dedicated to your blog. This means that any image you upload from Blogger will be available to view, edit, and share when you login to Picasa.
  • Upload Image button added to Edit HTML mode — This feature is available in Blogger in Draft only.
  • Bug fix for <img> tags — <img> tags now properly and automatically closes at it should.
Thanks for the update Blogger. By the way, is there a possibility that Static Pages go unlimited instead of just ten (10)?