Blogger Rolls Out 40 New Fonts

Currently, there are seven (7) fonts available for Blogger blogs — Arial, Courier, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet and Verdana — with Arial and Verdana as the most-commonly used. That would change soon with the integration of web fonts into this free blogging platform.

Blogger the other day rolled out forty (40) new fonts on Blogger in Draft and said there are lots more to come. Meaning, the number of new fonts may reach by as many as eighty or maybe a hundred by the time this new feature graduates out of Blogger in Draft.

Blogger in Draft 40 New Fonts
How to use any of the 40 new fonts in Blogger
  • Login via Blogger in Draft (;
  • Go into the Advanced tab of the Blogger Template Designer;
  • Select the type of text you’d like to change (Post Title, Page Text, etc.) and pick from a number of exciting, new fonts.
That's it. We're also trying this feature out any moment from now.

40 new fonts to choose from are many. Just an advise, use no more than 2 fonts for your blog. Take it from us.

Update: Okay, for Post Title we gave Calibri (NEW) a try and then rolled back to Verdana (OLD) after a while [see image below]. Wish there could be Segoe UI.