How to embed, add YouTube Subscriptions Widget into your website or blog

YouTube, the world's largest online video storage site, on Thursday proudly announced that it has hit 1 billion subscriptions (and counting). The news comes with an introduction to its latest feature — the new YouTube Subscriptions Widget that bloggers and webmasters can embed/add on their blogs or websites.

The new YouTube Subscriptions Widget “lets people subscribe to your YouTube channel with a single click, without having to leave your site to log into YouTube or to confirm their subscription,” YouTube product marketing manager Georges Haddad posted on the official blog.

He says the entire process happens in the widget.

How to embed the YouTube Subscriptions Widget (also known as YouTube Subscribe Widget) on a website or blog? Just copy the following code and embed into your website or blog in the same way you embed a YouTube video.

<iframe id="fr" src="[add YouTube Username here]" style="overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 300px; border: 0;" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

Make sure to replace [add YouTube Username here] with your YouTube Username. Here's a sample:

YouTube Subscriptions Widget