How to try the new Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo has rolled out Yahoo Mail beta last Tuesday. Early testers saw significant changes in design, better spam protection and improvements on features and speed. We've tried the beta ourselves and we can say that indeed it has become faster, safer and easier to use.

Yahoo Mail Beta
What's new with Yahoo Mail Beta
  • Speed - Yahoo! Mail Beta is faster than previous versions of Yahoo! Mail; exact speed will vary based on internet connection, browser, device, user location, and user action.
  • Spam - Its advanced spam protection technology helps protect your inbox from unwanted messages.
  • Unlimited Storage - Consistent with Yahoo! Mail terms of service.
  • Mobile - Use Yahoo! Mail on any internet-enabled device, including iPhone, iPad, and Android. Your device must have an active internet connection to use the service.
If you can see the following image at the sidebar, click it and you'll be able to migrate to the beta version of Yahoo Mail 2010.

Yahoo Mail Beta 2010

If not, simply go to to read the overview, then click the “TRY IT NOW” button.

If you don't need to know more information, go directly to to login and see the new interface. Just accept the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to get started.