Yahoo Email Survey Scam

Cyber criminals nowadays will do whatever they can to deceive you, entice you with an offer that's too-good-to-be true, and when you're already convinced, they will steal your personal information, your identity and eventually your money.

Here's a scam that uses Yahoo Philippines as a cover to make it appear legitimate - the Yahoo Email Survey.

The survey comes in with an animated image that looks very real you will be fooled right away.

Yahoo Email Survey

Once you take the survey, you will be asked to answer a total of 23 questions at one question plus a set of answers in every web page. See a sample below.

Yahoo Email Survey Question

Then at the end of the survey, you will be prompted to sign up for a contest that allegedly gives you a chance to win (check this out) an iPad.

There's a saying that in every war you have to “know your enemy,” so I decided to take the survey, patiently chose the answer to every question and at the end aborted the survey at the 24th page as attached.

Yahoo Email Survey Sign Up

Now you know. If you happen to encounter this Yahoo Mail Survey, don't hesitate to mark it as spam.