Firefox Universal Subtitles

In an effort to help a campaign to subtitle 10,000 videos and raise $25,000 by January 1, 2011, open source software developer community Mozilla on Monday announced the launch of the Universal Subtitles official website at

Universal Subtitles
Universal Subtitles is a free, open source tool that will allow users to freely create captions, subtitles and translations for videos on a video-hosting site or your own website or blog in case you have one.

It is a Firefox add-on which is a project of Participatory Culture Foundation, a non-profit organization “building free and open tools for more a democratic and decentralized media.”

How to install Universal Subtitles in Firefox

Just in case you wanna try:
  • Download Universal Titles Firefox add-on from this link.
  • In Firefox, click Tools > Add-ons and then drag the downloaded file in the Add-ons window to install.
Note: This feature is already included in Firefox 3.6.10 and up and Firefox 4 Beta.

How to install Universal Subtitles script on your website or blog
  • Webmasters and bloggers can add a script to enable Universal Subtitles on all the videos on your site.
  • Just add the following line right before the </head> tag in your site template or your blog's theme:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Note: I found out that adding the script before the </body> tag is better. The former slows down page loading.

According to Mozilla, Universal Subtitles is built using Javascript and HTML5 instead of proprietary software like Flash. It's 100% web-based, there’s no software to download. It does away with dependency on any one video host, platform, or format.