Smart Free Text (45M to 4500)

10.10.10 is so significant that even Smart celebrated the day with a free text bonus to subscribers. Smart and Talk N Text users with an available load balance of 1 peso were able to avail 45 free texts, which are valid for 18 hours, from a special service number 4500. Will it be only for 10.10.10?

There were talks from people close to company insiders that apparently, the surprise `gift´ of the day was experimental so it's possible that the telco will give free texts in future significant dates, maybe during holidays.

If that's true, then whoever thought of the idea inside the Smart circle deserves a raise!

But clearly, the reason is Smart is celebrating for having 45 million subscribers todate. This was the announcement:
Get your Free 45 Free text today, October 10, 2010. To all Smart Buddy and Talk N Text users: For having over 45M subscribers, we're giving you 45 free texts today! From 12mn-6pm this Oct.10, text 45M to 4500 (P1 bal required).”