Smart Buddy Dial *SOS (*767)

Learning from lessons of “Juan” and in anticipation of more storms that may visit the country soon, Smart on Thursday re-announced the availability of Dial *SOS (*767) service that allows a Smart Buddy subscriber to borrow a prepaid load that can be used during emergency situations.

Smart softlaunched that special emergency number back in early September 2010 but was not widely promoted. Maybe realizing that it could greatly help subscribers, specially those who are residing in storm prone areas, the company is now intensifying its information dissemination efforts.

The system works like this:
  • If you're a Smart Buddy subscriber and you're in an emergency situation and you don’t have load credits, just dial *SOS or *767 and Smart will send you P4.00 worth of load equivalent to 3 texts plus 1 peso airtime.
  • The 4 peso load is valid for 24 hours only.
  • The borrowed amount will be automatically deducted as soon as you reload.
Smart move, Smart!
Smart Dial SOS