Rumor: September 2010 LET Results Out Today

It has been discussed in blogs, forum boards and chat boxes that the results of the September 2010 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), otherwise known as the Teachers´ Board Exam, will be out anytime today, October 15th.

Well, I tell you it's just a rumor and probability for release is very very slim.

According to an earlier post by Coolbuster, LET results are usually published thirty days after the examination was held. The recent LET was conducted by the PRC on September 26th.

If the board releases the list of successful passers exactly 30 days from the exam date, then the most possible number on the October calendar will be the 26th.

Our estimate? Last week of October.

I'm sure takers are now starting to get excited or anxious. How do you feel?