Download PNP Safety Handbook for Mediamen

Download PNP Safety Handbook for Mediamen. The Philippine National Police (PNP) early this week has published a “Handbook on Personal Security Measures for Media Practitioners,” more popularly known as PNP safety handbook for mediamen.

According to an online report from Remate, PNP's action is “part of continuing efforts to provide protection to journalists who face threats due to the nature of their profession.”

Chief PNP director general Raul Bacalzo, based on the article, said the objective of the handbook is “to provide journalists and their families the skills and basic knowledge in avoiding security threats.”

The 48-page handbook “contains among other subjects literature on threat detection and assessment, basic guidance of personal security measures, and introductory instructions on counter-surveillance and evasive techniques; home, workplace and travel security; and handling threats,” our source revealed.

We will find means to obtain a copy of the instrument and upload it so that people from the media can download the PNP safety handbook for mediamen.