Philippine National Keyboard Layout (Windows)

I've always been a true blue supporter of Filipino innovators. You know, those guys, specially in the tech division, who can show to the world great things the Filipino can do. So even without them asking me, I already made it a tradition to blog about them and promote their work(s).

I would like to thank Nuffnang Innit first for opening the door to Filipino bloggers and for providing us the opportunity to blog about things that are worthy of attention and appreciation.

JC John Sese Cuneta, web developer and blogger who successfully ported the Ubuntu Philippines LoCo Team project “Philippines National Keyboard Layout for Linux” to Windows recently, has announced on Monday the availability of the Philippines National Keyboard Layout for Windows.

The download and installation procedure can be found on this page.

This new layout will allow you to easily and directly type the Peso sign (₱) among other special characters like ñ or Ñ without having to use the alt+164 and alt+165 method.

Qwerty Latin

Qwerty Baybayin

Congratulations JC! Great work indeed. Go Pinoy!