Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

As promised, I've given you the lead to the Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening blog contest. Read the details on this page and grab that chance to win an invite to the exclusive special screening of “The Social Network.”

Nuffnang bloggers who will win the contest can watch for free the Facebook movie “The Social Network” on October 19th at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1.

It's been my long time desire to meet fellow Nuffnangers in a special event like this, so I decided to make my own entry. And here it is:

“The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to High-Speed Internet.”

PLDT MyDSL brings me closer to family and friends, specially those who are working abroad. Its high-speed modem + WiFi also allows everyone in the family at home to connect to the web simultaneously which provides us even greater opportunies online such as:
  • social networking - to share experiences and instill tighter family and community relationships;
  • blogging - that enables us to make money online while having fun;
  • faster uploading/downloading of files, videos and photos - with PLDT MyDSL, rich media can be transferred to or retrieved from our storage site on the “cloud” easier and faster than any broadband connection currently available in the market;
  • web conferencing - reliable high speed internet courtesy of PLDT MyDSL makes my interaction with friends in the blogging business much possible, hassle-free and in real-time.
With these premises, I can proudly undoubtedly tell everyone that PLDT MyDSL is second to none!