How to Stop the [ No Subject ] Email Spam

An email spam called [ No Subject ] is spreading across Yahoo Mail accounts these days. An infected account automatically and silently sends, forwards and cc's an email that contains a link to a Canadian website that sells medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men.

Some friends told me that it actually is a Russian website.

No Subject Email Spam
The common way to prevent the [ No Subject ] email spam from appearing in your inbox is to classify it as `spam´. That method, however, does not actually eliminate it; it will only forward the [ No Subject ] spam mail to the Spam folder without human intervention.

I tried a simple procedure and found out that it worked against the annoying [ No Subject ] email spam. Changing the email password stops that notorious thing from sending unsolicited emails to your connections.

CLICK HERE for the guide on how to easily change your password. I hope it helps.