NLE On-Line Application Program (OLAP)

NLE OLAP Update — The Professional Regulation Commission Board of Nursing (PRC-BoN) approved in late July BoN Resolution No. 18 Series 2010 for the adoption of the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) “Nursing Management Information System (NMIS) — On-Line Application Program (OLAP).”

“The adoption and implementation of the NMIS-OLAP can greatly help ease and facilitate the filing of nurse licensure examination applicants which will decongest and remove the long lines on all PRC NCR and Regional Offices and ultimately reduce the need for PRC satellite application sites in the future,” the PRC-BoN stated / embodied in the resolution.

The measure is in compliance to Republic Act (RA) 8981 also known as the “PRC Modernization Act of 2000.”

The commission is expected to implement the new system starting October 20, 2010. We will update this post for the link to the NLE OLAP.