How Facebook Contests Get Cheated

Globe Telecom on Wednesday has finally revealed the winners for the final week of the Gimme Points contest. This succeeded despite of continuing allegations that some Facebook users joining the promo are using dummy accounts to increase the number of likes for their entries.

We tried to look into the allegation and conducted our own research on how these guys do it. Here's what we discovered:
  • First, they took a catchy photo as required in the contest and then posted it on Globe Telecom's FB wall as their official entry.
  • Next, they created hundreds (or even thousands) of dummy accounts with the help of friends, family or relatives.
  • And then they started liking their entry utilizing multiple dummy accounts, which spread the photo accross Facebook thereby giving the entry more likes in the process.
  • To make it appear that their entry was liked on a legit way, these guys will bomb Facebook users with an invitation to like and/or exchange of likes. See the image below.
Facebook Like

Well, we can't blame these guys for doing so. They'll do anything (including cheating) to win a contest with such a huge prize. Winners get to receive 50,000 rewards points, which, if redeemed, can enable them to grab expensive gadgets and/or travel to destinations here and abroad. Click here to know what the winners can redeem for 50,000 rewards points.

Globe knows that this problem exists, I suppose, but all the complaints just “landed in deaf ears” (or blind eyes, in this case).


Conclusion: We would like to point out that we are NOT against the contest, but on how it was done. A contest based on Facebook likes simply does not work in general, it only works for cheaters. It only creates dark clouds of doubts on the promo to say the least.

We call on the lawmakers and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to formulate policies that will lead to the regulation of contests held online, particularly on social networks.