Help Make Blogger Better

Most if not all of my blogging friends are on Blogger for three reasons: 1) it's free, 2) it's user-friendly and customizable, and 3) it's from Google (you know what it means). But there is another one good reason why we opted to have our blogs hosted by Blogger.

It listens.

For the past years, Blogger has been requesting help from the community to make the platform better. The community shares ideas, Blogger takes charge of the development and engineering aspects and comes up with changes, enhancements and additions features wise thereby improving our blogging experiences.

Blogger already rolled out a handful of features such as the new Template Designer, Spam Comment Filtering, built-in Blog Stats, improved Post Editor, Static Pages (although this one needs improvement and, if I would be asked, must be unlimited), Jump Breaks (`Read More´ feature), Background Image uploads (personalization), accurate Post Previews, Photo Captions and more Default Templates.

In a post on October 7th at Blogger Buzz, Blogger announced that they have been working on “a few big improvements” and will roll them out in due time.

Along with such announcement is Blogger's request for our inputs. If you want to view suggestions and vote for it or suggest your own, or you want send a feedback to help make Blogger better, we encourage you to post them at the Products Ideas page.

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This is our way of thanking Blogger for keeping itself free to use.