How to make a Fire Escape Plan online

For emergency situations like fire, it is very important to prepare and get familiar with a fire escape plan at home, office or school. It is likewise necessary that everyone in those places know what to do in case of fire. Here's how to make a fire escape plan online.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, which operates under the Department of Community Safety of the State of Queensland, Australia has a very informative website that offers an online tool called Fire Escape Planner that allows users to create a fire escape plan.

Fire Escape Planner

The tool, which is available in thirteen languages including Filipino, runs on Flash. Everything in it - the images, the graphics - are very useful. The instructions are so simple and easy to understand that even an elementary student can make his own fire escape plan.

If you want to give the Fire Escape Planner a try, click here to start using it. Once you are done, inform your household members or your officemates or teacher and classmates about it. Also, make sure to practice the plan on a regular basis.