The Commuter — Shot on Nokia N8

“The Commuter” starring “Slumdog Millionaire” star Dev Patel, with Charles Dance, Ed Westwick and Pamela Anderson hits movie theaters with its premiere showing in London Monday night. And Nokia proudly claims the whole thing was shot in mobile HD using the Nokia N8 12-mega pixel camera phone.

“Monday night saw the theatrical premiere of the latest comedy action film to hit the silver screen, The Commuter... Why do we care? Because the whole thing was shot on the Nokia N8 and gives a great testimony to its film-making prowess,” posted Ian on the official Nokia blog, Nokia Conversations.

One word: WOW.

We've embedded the official trailer of “The Commuter” so that you will see for yourself the film-making prowess of the Nokia N8. Watch this:

With this movie filmed on the Nokia N8, a small equipment yet a great device, many young and independent filmakers or small players in the industry will be inspired and will have the opportunity to shot an entire film at the least cost, particurly on equipment.

Our take on the Nokia N8, in consideration of what it has achieved so far? It's a MUST-HAVE.

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