Poll: Will You Join Civil Disobedience vs Government over RH Bill?

The quandary between the Catholic church and the Philippine Government has escalated. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) warned MalacaƱang of a ‘civil disobedience’ if the latter insists on pushing for the approval of the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) in congress.

RH BillThere was an instance when a CBCP representative during a media interview mentioned a possible ‘excommunication’ proclamation for any catholic, including the president, who will go against its anti-contraceptives/anti-abortion policy.

Critics, on the other hand, say that in this scenario the Catholic Church does not anymore value the separation of the church and state as embodied in the Philippine constitution. In forum boards, some even say that countries where Catholicism is dominant like the Philippines remained poor. They accuse the Catholic Church as being anti-progress.

Analyzing the developments relative to the RH Bill, which is a proposed law strongly supported by no-other than President Benigno Aquino III himself for in his own mind its objective is for responsible parenthood, observers say most Catholics will reject ‘civil disobedience’. No data in black and white have been shown though.

The last time a `civil disobedience´ happened was way back in 1986 when the Catholic Church among other anti-Marcos groups doubted the results of the presidential elections. It then called, through the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, for former president Ferdinand Marcos to step down. The crusade, more popularly known as “EDSA People Power 1” inspired by the heroism of Ninoy Aquino, succeeded to topple the Marcos regime and installed his wife, Cory Aquino, to the presidency.

Going back to the RH Bill. If you are to be asked, would you obey, cooperate with the Catholic Church and join a ‘civil disobedience’ against the present administration?

We would like to know your views and opinions. Please participate in our online poll and comment below.
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Will you join a Civil Disobedience vs the Aquino Administration over RH Bill?
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