Google rolls out Android Device Management feature

One of Google apps highlights this week is the Android device management feature. It's an application which adds the ability for organizations using Google Apps to remotely manage security on users’ devices running on Android version 2.2 (Froyo) and beyond, whether or not those devices are provided by them.

Google revealed that the new administrative controls make it possible to securely manage Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and most Nokia devices in the Google Apps environment thereby providing secure management and sync capabilities for all major mobile platforms.

Device Management App
Features include remote wipe of all data from lost or stolen mobile devices, device lock after a period of inactivity, password requirement on each phone and minimum lengths and required letters and numbers for more secure passwords, Google said.

Administrators can manage most mobile devices right from the browser, without needing any special hardware or software. Admins will need to ask users to individually install the application though.

Users with devices that have the Google Apps Device Policy application already installed can download the device management application starting next week, other sources say.

The remote wipe capability is probably similar to what is shown on the following video. Watch this:

You can also check out this post to know more about the new feature. Make sure to read the comments section for follow up Q&A.