Welcome Bingbot, come in!

In late June 2010, we blogged about Microsoft's plan to change the name of its web crawler from Msnbot to Bingbot starting October 1, 2010. We also suggested a few how-to´s so you can catch up with this development in search engine optimization.

Bing logo

Well, it's October 1st. Today is the day the Redmond company will rename its web crawler to `reflect´ its new brand for search.

Bing senior program manager Fabrice Canel, in a recent blog post at the Bing community webmaster blog revealed that the company has made a little `modification´ of its rollout schedule. “Instead of doing a 100% switch on day one, we will do a staged rollout,” he said.

So, as much as Bing SEO is concerned, this is what you're going to experience beginning October 1, as disclosed by Fabrice:
You will continue to see traffic mostly from msnbot. Then, over the next few weeks, you may start to see bingbot traffic. This transition period is designed to provide time for us to validate consistency, and provide you time to catch and fix potential issues with our new crawler. At the end of this transition period, bingbot will replace most of the msnbot traffic. It is important to note that during this transition you should not experience a significant increase of the total crawl traffic from msnbot and bingbot for any extended period of time.”
We recommend that you read our first post so you can change the meta tag in your website or blog.

Let's welcome the Bingbot with open arms and gain some web traffic for our respective sites (of course without too much expectation) through the Bing search engine.