PRC Exam Program Download

A PRC examination program is a document which contains vital information regarding the specific date and time of exam, the subjects and their descriptions, the percentage weight of a test and some general instructions that serve as a guide for licensure exam takers.

It is a very important file considering that it gives you an idea as to what subjects you will focus your review on, most specially if you're on self-review.

But how do you find this document?

We're fortunate that PRC's regional office in Baguio has always made its Windows Live account public. Public in the sense that they actually included the link on their blog site and shared the documents called exam programs making these downloadable by virtually anyone who has access to the internet, even those without a Windows Live account!

PRC Exam Program
If you're interested to know the program flow of your future examination, just click this link and download your chosen document.

Easy huh?