Our Take on Dengue

The Department of Health (DOH) reported 69,000 dengue cases as of early September 2010. This number is increasing day after day, and is indeed very alarming. Reports from various sources reveal that children are the primary victims of this deadly disease. We have a few suggestions that we believe can help fight dengue.

Dengue mosquitoAnalysis / Facts:
  • Dengue carrying mosquitos are daytime biters. It usually bites at dusk and dawn but may bite at any time during the day, especially indoors, in shady areas, or when the weather is cloudy.
  • Municipal sanitary inspectors, barangay health workers and those in the local health sector usually conduct information and education campaign (IEC) against dengue in health centers and/or barangays halls, rarely in schools.
  • Children, particularly elementary pupils, are inside the school campus at daytime from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., 5 days a week.
  • Because of the intensified IEC in the barangays, laying areas of dengue carrying mosquitos may have been reduced in households but not in schools and its surrounding areas.
  • Conduct seminars, information drive against dengue not only to pupils, but to school officials, teachers and staff most specially the janitors, the sweepers.
  • In public areas, put streamers, posters and other printed materials that will bear a very strong and shocking warning to the community. For example: "64 PEOPLE IN OUR BARANGAY DIED OF DENGUE, YOU COULD BE THE NEXT VICTIM! ACT AGAINST DENGUE NOW!!!"
  • List down the instructions, the simplier the words the better.
Your own take on dengue should be basic, can be done right away. Tap all possible resources - the local government unit, the education department, health authorities and institutions, civic organizations and the church among others. They will surely help.

Update: DOH reports that 70,000 Dengue cases were already recorded nationwide as of September 11, 2010.