One Mozilla Strategy

Is - the main web portal of the organization that's providing us open-source products like Firefox, Mobile Firefox, and Thunderbird among others - getting a major, major change? Most probably. There is a proposal drafted on September 23rd for a “One Mozilla” Domain Name strategy. What is it all about? Read on.

Leading a working group called `web sites task force´, Mozilla's David Boswell is circulating a proposal for Mozilla to “move off of organization-based domains and move to a more coherent and unified system that uses the domain.”

The proposal can be found at

There are two options:
  • Structure a strategy based on product/activity:,,, etc.
  • Structure a strategy based on the idea that the universe is all one big Mozilla site:,,, etc.
I like that idea. I wholeheartedly support the “One Mozilla" Strategy. I feel that I am part of the community (being a beta-tester for Firefox 4) and I love those guys at Mozilla that's why I wrote this post hoping to gather more feedback from readers of this blog.

So here's what's coming. The working team suggested the following URL changes (initial batch).

One Mozilla Strategy

We will be checking out the comments and add them here together with updated information as they become available.

Any thought on the “One Mozilla” Strategy? Please post your feedback in the comments section below. T.I.A!