Improve Blog Based On Pageviews Stats

We've been sharing tips and tricks on blogging and search engine optimization (SEO) recently. Right now we're posting another one to help bloggers, particularly the new ones, to improve their sites. This time, our tips are based on statistics for pageviews.

Blogger has integrated the Stats feature in late August 2010. Well, it was actually tested in Blogger in Draft since July 2010 before it was taken out from there for full implementation.

The Stats feature is a great tool that we can utilize to assess ourselves in this field.

There are many ways to enhance our blog by simply looking at the blog stats under the Audience category, more specifically, through Pageviews by Browsers, Pageviews by Countries, and Pageviews by Operating Systems. We will use Pageviews by Browsers in this short tutorial.

Take a look at the image below. Out of the total of 2,358,695 pageviews made by our visitors in two months, 55% or 1,301,701 were made using Firefox, 23% or 544,123 using Google Chrome, 16% or 380,221 using IE, the rest at only 6%.

Pageviews by Browsers

How to improve your blog based on Pageviews by Browsers
  1. To try out your blog in browsers, make sure you have at least 3 of them installed on your PC: Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It's your discretion to add Safari and Opera.
  2. Using the results for Pageviews by Browsers, you can make adjustments on the template for two objectives:
    • to attract more readers who are using the browser with the highest and second highest number of pageviews or
    • to get the attention of those who are using browsers where your blog performs poorly, in our case the IE and those at 6%.
  3. You need to improve the look of your blog, the design, to fit to your audience's preference. In most cases, your blog may look good in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer, or vice versa, so you will have to match the colors and rearrange the gadgets accordingly.
  4. Because browsers differ in features and coding, you will have to apply a template that performs well on most browsers.
  5. Also, remove the gadgets or Java Script codes that affect page load time, without compromising the functionality of your blog.
Correct us if we're wrong but the way we see it is that, a blog's appearance in a particular browser has a direct effect to visitor count.

To view Pageviews by Browsers:
  • Login to Blogger;
  • In your Dashboard, click Stats > Audience > All Time.