Google unveils TrueView, new ad formats

Google on Tuesday revealed four technologies that the company believes will play a big role in future display advertising. The search giant demonstrated these ad formats at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s MIXX Conference in New York, entitled “Display 2015: Smart and Sexy.”

These technologies are TrueView, Teracent, Google Goggles, and rich media. Google's vice president of product management Neal Mohan and managing director of media & platforms (Americas) Barry Salzman have the following explanation:
  • We demonstrated some new video ad formats we’ve been testing on YouTube that we’re calling “TrueView.” These will roll out later this year. These ad formats give people the option to skip an ad if they don’t want to watch, or to choose from multiple ads the one they want to watch. Importantly, advertisers only pay if the user chooses to watch their ad.
  • We showed some of the things that are becoming possible with our new Teracent technology. This technology can dynamically alter the creative elements of an ad in real-time to make it more relevant and effective, depending on factors like geographic location, language, the content of the website and the time of day.
  • You might be familiar with Google Goggles, a way to search the web on mobile devices just by taking a picture. We gave a preview of some experimental uses of Google Goggles that could one day enable advertisers to deliver great display ads to users. Imagine pointing your phone’s camera at an ad for a car in a magazine, and having the car appear in 3D in your mobile device. Or pointing at a movie poster and having the movie trailer play in the device, right in your hand. No QR codes, no downloads!
  • We even showed a fun example of what rich media can do—our speech was broadcast live in a number of expandable ad units across the web, and was updated with tweets in real time.”
To find out what the future of display advertising will look like, click here. We look forward to seeing these ad formats soon.

Here's the Google IAB Mixx Keynote video: