Globe WIMAX Experience

This is the first week of my being a Globe WIMAX subscriber and so far it's good; the speed is stable. My only disappoinment is that Globe is not giving me what I am paying for. The advertised speed for Plan 995 is 1Mbps or 1024Kbps and yet, as what the speed test results are telling me, it's been a constant 530Kbps for my connection.

That's only 18Kbps faster than 512Kbps for Plan 795.

I used Globe's chat service on its website to complain. The customer care representative named “Aldwin” said that what I am getting is acceptable, based on their “system”.

That should not be the case.

If Globe cannot fulfill its promise to provide me 1024Kbps at most, they should have at least given me 800Kbps or more because, as what I pointed out, I am paying for Plan 995 and not Plan 795.

For this experience, I decided to create a Globe WIMAX eXperience page on Facebook.

Globe WIMAX eXperience
Globe WIMAX eXperience allows users to post feedback on Globe WIMAX - satisfaction, complaints, grievances - anything. The social network is so influential it can change the way things work. Your experiences will guide the current subs and those who intend to apply whether or not to pursue subscription.

To start, simply “LIKE” Globe WIMAX eXperience.

I shall see you there.