Facebook banned .co.cc domains

Because of excessive use of abusive contents, Facebook has banned free domains such as .co.cc. Facebook reports an `error´ message when you post a comment with a .co.cc link. Not only in comments, .co.cc is also banned in all of the social network's services.

For example: the Like button, one of the plugins from Facebook, does not work and shows an error if clicked.

If you are creating a website with a .co.cc domain, you won't be able to use any of Facebook's products and services.

So, why did Facebook ban .co.cc?

Since .co.cc is free, anyone can register and create up to four .co.cc domains. According to our source, most of these websites which were created with .co.cc domains were found to have abusive contents. And most probably because they were exploited, some people may have requested Facebook to ban domain names ending with .co.cc.

Our source added that .co.cc domains are mostly used for proxy servers because they can be created at no cost and can be disposed off easily. Moreover, .co.cc domains are observed to have been widely used for websites with adult contents.

Our suggestion:

Facebook is huge. Facebook is a good source of web traffic for your site. If you can't promote it because the domain is banned, get rid of that domain and enjoy the advantage.

Via: HackTweak