Email Hacked

It is seldom that my good friend Damon of emails me. However this weekend, I received an email from him asking if I was hacked or something because my email account keeps on sending emails to him with no subject and body at all but a single web address.

email hackedThe URL is http://***** (first few letters hidden for security reasons) which, if clicked, will bring you to, a Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy website that sells products used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men.

I have two suspects:
  • Someone uses my email using the Telnet hack that allows anyone to send email to anyone's email; and
  • Someone who knows the Facebook Hacker trick stole my login details. I use Facebook heavily for personal purposes and to promote my sites. The culprit could have sent me a file which I accidentally clicked.
I apologize to Damon and all of my Yahoo! connections who are affected. I have already consulted some friends about it and hopefully they can help me address the problem the soonest possible.

Lesson learned? Never use the same email and password in Facebook and Yahoo! at the same time.

Anyone had a similar experience?