DepEd bans weekend homework (Memo No. 392-2010)

To promote stronger family ties and relationship of children to their parents, the Department of Education (DepEd) this week issued Memorandum Order No. 392, series of 2010 that provides guidelines for giving assignments to all public elementary school pupils.

The memo states that “no homework/assignments shall be given during weekends for pupils to enjoy their childhood, and spend quality time with their parents without being burdened by the thought of doing lots of homework.”

Here's the full content of DepEd Memo No. 392-2010 for your ready reference.
DepEd Memo No. 392-2010

With the memo implementation in placed, thanks to DepEd, we'd like to urge the department to also ban giving of homework (computerized research paper works and bookbinding, among others) to students in public secondary (high) schools, per subject area, during October semestral breaks or vacation.