Content of Insulting HK Letter to PNoy

President Benigno Aquino III during an interview by a panel of broadcast anchors from ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 on Thursday admitted to have received an 'insulting' letter from a Hongkong official after the August 23 hostage taking incident that killed 8 Hongkong tourists.

PNoyWhen asked who signed the letter, PNoy declined to name the HK official and requested not to tackle the issue further.

On Friday, HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang denied sending 'insulting' letter to the Philippine president following the Manila hostage crisis. Tsang, however, admitted writing a letter to Aquino on August 26 but said it was written in "a respectful and polite tone", sources disclosed.

Who is telling the truth? What is the content of that letter?

There's one way to find out, and that is to publish the letter, make it available online for the appreciation of the public. Let the content of the alleged 'insulting' HK letter to PNoy made known to the people.

That way MalacaƱang can perhaps avoid rubbing salt into the wound.