Torrent Tweet Released

It's been a while, say more than six months, since we blogged anything about torrent. The last time was during the release of the uTorrent 2.0 when we provided tweaks to make it faster. Here's the latest torrent news: BitTorrent late last week released the Torrent Tweet app.

According to BitTorrent, "Torrent Tweet is a Twitter-based system for following and contributing to discussions relating to individual torrents." The application actually allows users to discover "what people are saying about torrents [they] are downloading and sign in to a Twitter account to contribute to the discussion."

We expect this app to catch attention but will be subject to limitations since sharing torrents of anything copyrighted is illegal and NOT allowed. As to the extent of the limitation, and of course to the veracity of the content, we do not know since not all uploaders do not tell the truth.

Nevertheless, BitTorrent points out that Torrent Tweet's purpose is "to adapt the powerful referencing system built into BitTorrent to the incredible social interaction engine that Twitter has built such that people can have conversations about things they are downloading, and they can be sure that they are talking about the same thing."

Torrent Tweet can be added in uTorrent that you can download from here.