Tips to Increase Platelet of Dengue Patients

The increasing number of dengue victims is alarming. In our area, there were already 3 casualties since Monday; most of them are children. In our office, there’s no day that passes by without parents of children suffering from this deadly disease seen asking for hospitalization assistance.

According to unverified reports, the period of attack is now faster compared in the past. If not given immediate attention and medication, the affected person could be dead in two days or less from the first day dengue symptoms occur.

Scary isn’t it?

God forbid, when dengue strikes in your own home and someone in the family becomes victim, you should know what to do. This is one of the reasons why we are sharing the following tips based on the actual personal experience of an officemate.

Tips to increase platelet of dengue patients:
  • Bring the patient immediately to the hospital.
  • To increase the platelet count quickly, compel the patient to drink Nutrifresh instead of juice or plain water. Its makers, E. Excel, claim that this beverage has ingredients with “phytochemicals, antioxidants and soy protein.”
  • If you can’t afford to buy Nutrifresh at an estimated P40 price per sachet, you can also offer the patient water from boiled “Tawa-tawa” as an alternate.

  • Tawa-tawa
  • One of the foods that can help rapidly increase platelet count is the apple. First, peel the apple and wait until it becomes brownish (this process is called oxidization) before giving it to the patient.
While it is hoped that these suggestions would help, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor for professional medical advice.

Update on September 13: It seems that DOH does not support the idea of having "Tawa-tawa" as a dengue relief. Here is the statement of DOH spokesman Dr. Eric Tayag during an interview over ANC today.
This is not the right time to experiment, we need controlled environment to observe. We don't want mothers to be experimenters. We have standards for home treamtent and people can easily go to hospitals for advice.

Sa tawa-tawa kasi di nila alam ilang dahon, gaano karaming tubig, ang lagay ay chambahan. Yung tawa-tawa nakakapag-paihi yan. Baka lalo madehydrate ang pasyente, ma-agravate ang condition. Hindi bleeding ang nakakapagpalala sa dengue, kundi dehydration."