Configure SMART Bro Plug-it for TGIF

Thank God It's Free-day once again! The T.G.I. Free-day promo allows SMART Buddy subscribers to browse the internet on their mobile phones for free. Now, SMART Bro Plug-It users can take advantage of this offer too! Here's how.

This guide on how to configure your SMART Bro Plug-It to enjoy TGIF was provided by a tipster.

The steps:
  • Insert your SMART SIM to your smartbro Plug-It USB modem.
  • Open the SMARTBRO module.
  • In MENU, go to Tools > Options > ProfileManagement > NEW
  • Dial-up
    Profile Name: FREEDAY
    APN ( )Dynamic (x)Static
    ...APN: Internet
    Access #: *99#
    User name: (Leave it blank)
    Password: (Leave it blank)
  • Hit SAVE and you're good to go.
SMART Buddy TGIF happens on Fridays from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm. Click here for more info.

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