Tips to Prevent, Remove Zeus 3 Trojan

Security websites report that researchers at M86 Security Labs discovered a virtually undetectable Zeus trojan that has attacked more than 3,000 customers of a large UK bank (company name undisclosed) with estimates of $1 million dollars being stolen.

According to the report, this new version of the Zeus trojan, being called Zeus 3, is said to be "one of the most complex trojans and is virtually undetectable. No current anti-malware software can detect this trojan, so the victims are helpless in trying to prevent it."

The Zeus 3 trojan or ZBot version 3 is a financial malware. According to CA Security Advisor, Zbot or Zeus bots "are part of crimeware toolkit which is available for cyber crime operation designed to steal user's information and banking credentials."

M86 chief security architect Mark Kaplan advises online banking customers to:
  • set up text or email alerts to keep an eye on transactions;
  • ask their bank to disable the ability to transfer money to third parties to avoid being a victim of this trojan.
Meanwhile, CA advises online banking customers to:
  • keep their security software updated;
  • be security aware when performing online banking transactions.
To remove Zeus 3 trojan, check out this guide at Malware Help.

Credits: Fabolous Buzz, CA Security Advisor