PNP Crisis Management Manual

Due to the bloody outcome of the hostage crisis in Manila involving the late police senior inspector Rolando Mendoza who caused the death of 8 Hongkong nationals, some government agencies and the PNP are in hot water these days. Criticisms have been hurled against them on television and social networking sites.

People say that if only the PNP or the ground commander or even the SWAT remembered using the Crisis Management Manual, they could have saved the lives of the victims and the hostage-taker. But past is past, the damage has been done and the proper authorities are now conducting investigation on the August 23 incident.

How does the PNP Operations Manual for Crisis Management work?
Foreword: The PNP Operational Procedures (POP) Manual provides guidance regarding the Philippine National Police’s policy and procedures for its personnel, especially those in the field, which must be strictly adhered to in all aspects of police work."
According to PNP chief Jesus Versoza, this Manual
should be able to equip all police officers with the appropriate mechanics and procedures that will enable them to cope and respond efficiently and effectively to crimes everyone has become familiar with xxx"
He added,
"xxx an effective Operations Manual should be able to clearly lay down all fundamental duties, functions and basic procedures to guide police officers. In this manner, clear command and individual responsibilities will be set and the public will be assured of accountability in delivery of public safety services."
Here's the PNP Manual PNPM-DO-DS-3-1

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