New Comments System on Blogger

Blogger on Tuesday announced two new improvements to its comments system: the integration of Google's spam filtering technologies and the activation of users' ability to view all blog comments in a Comments Inbox.

Software engineers at Google's free blogging platform noted that the latest features aren't available to all users yet as these are being rolled out gradually. You can automatically use these as soon as the new Comments tab between Posting and Settings tabs appears in your dashboard.

Blogger spam tab
In the Comments tab, there is a Spam sub-tab that shows all the comments that are likely spam. You can permanently delete spam comments by selecting them and choosing Delete or you mark comments that have been incorrectly classified as spam as Not Spam. Comments chosen as Not Spam will be immediately moved out of the spam list and will be published on your blog right away.

According to Blogger engineers, the comments in the Spam inbox are not visible to your readers.

Blogger also created another sub-tab in the Comments tab called the Comments | Published sub-tab. It's a place "where you can see all the comments that have been published on your blog."

Blogger's Chang Kim pointed out that "when you mark a comment as Spam, it will be deleted immediately from your blog. You can also Delete comments for editorial reasons or just Remove Content to leave a record of the comment."

For a more detailed explanation and the screenshots, check out this post at Blogger Buzz.