Nuffnang introduces Innit

Nuffnang in late July introduced the new Innit. It's actually more of a relaunch of its location based service that allows Nuffnang members to submit and promote blog posts, as well as read and 'nang' or 'dang' (similar to Facebook's 'like' or 'unlike') the posts of other Nuffnangers.

Nuffnangers can now access Innit in their respective countries by adding the country code to, as follows:

Country | Code
  • Philippines - ph
  • Malaysia - my
  • Singapore - sg
  • Australia - au
For example, Philippine Nuffnangers would be able to access Innit by simply typing in the browser's address bar.

For the complete list of new Innit stuff, click here.

How to promote your blog with Nuffnang Innit
  • Of course, you have to be a Nuffnanger.
  • Using your Nuffnang username and password, login to Innit Philippines (for Nuffnangers from other countries, your respective Innit site).
  • Click 'ADD NEW POST'.
    - To promote a new post, just click the 'retrieve' link and Innit will automatically generate the title, url, description or summary, thumbnail (if there's any), and the tags (post labels) of your latest post.
    - For older posts, the required fields should be entered manually.
  • Choose the Category, type the security code and then click Submit.
Innit add post
Your post will now be listed in the 'Latest' section according to category where site visitors can view it. Nuffnangers also have the option to 'Nang It' or 'Dang It' your post.

Top posts are listed as 'Popular' while top posts that get the highest number of 'nangs' will be included in the 'Featured Posts' section along with several other submissions hand-picked by Innit moderators which "they think are worth reading."

The whole procedure is actually very easy. Just follow the steps as stated above and get your blog a better exposure.