Infolinks Related Tags

In-text advertising network Infolinks is rolling out the Related Tags feature to help its publishers increase their monthly earnings to a whopping 30% (or higher). The Infolinks Related Tags will appear after a short code is added to a choice location in the website or blog.

According to Infolinks, the Related Tags use the Infolinks smart algorithm to find the best keywords on the site and display them as informational tags within a cloud on the website’s content.

The Related Tags function is similar to its standard in-text ads. When a visitor hovers over the tag, an Infolinks ad bubble appears and when they click on the ad the publisher gets paid, Infolinks revealed.

How Infolinks Related Tags feature work

Make sure that you have the Infolinks script integrated on your page. Add the following HTML tag to wherever you want the related tags cloud to appear.

<input type="hidden" name="IL_RELATED_TAGS" value="1"/>

We have implemented this new feature to our own blog today. You may have noticed the tags cloud placed above the post title.

Infolinks Related Tags
If you're a blogger or webmaster, you should try this out too.